Unit 10

Part I: Listen and Learn 4

Click on the speaker icon of the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.
  1. L xinsheng, xinzi j din le?

  2. Mr. Li, what time is it now?
  3. B din sh fn.

  4. 8:10.
  5. Wmen xu le y ge xiosh le.

  6. We have studied for one hour (already).

    Yo bu yo xixi yxir?
    (Do you) need a rest?

  7. Ho, wmen xixi sh fnzhng, b din er4sh fn zi kish.

  8. Fine, let's take a ten minute break. Let's resume at eight twenty.
  9. Xng.

  10. OK.
  11. John, xinzi b din er4shw fn le.

  12. John, it is already 8:25.
    John, 現在八點二十五分了。

    Wmen jx xu ba.
    Let's continue to study.

  13. Ho, L xinsheng, 'five to nine' Zhngwn znme shu?

  14. Good. Mr. Li, how to say 'five to nine' in Chinese?
    好。李先生﹐'five to nine'中文怎麼說﹖
  15. Ch w fn ji din.

  16. Five to nine. 差五分九點。
  17. Xizi ch w fn ji din. Du bu du?

  18. It is five to nine now. Is it correct?
  19. Du, wmen gi xik le.

  20. Right, we should finish class now.

  • 'le' indicates the change of status. 'Xinzi j din le?' means 'What time is is NOW?'

  • 'Xinzi b din er4shw fn le. It is already 8:25 now.'
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