Unit 1

Part I: Listen and Learn 4

Click on the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.

  1. Ta xing shenme? [Waht's his last name? 他姓什麼﹖]

  2. Ta xing Wang. [His last name is Wang. 他姓王。]

  3. Ta jiao shenme?. [What's his (full) name﹖ 他叫什麼﹖]

  4. Ta jiao Wang Xiaohua. Ta shi xuesheng. [His (full) name is Wang Xiaohua. He is a student. 他叫王小華。他是學生。]

  5. Xiexie! Zaijian! [Thank you! Good-bye! 謝謝﹗再見﹗]

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