Unit 9

Part I: Listen and Learn 2

Click on the speaker icon of the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.
  1. W jio John, sh Migu rn.

  2. My name is John. I am an American.
    我叫 John, 是美國人。
  3. W sh Bn Zhu y ji dinz gngs de zng jngl.

  4. I am general manager of an electronics company in Pennsylvania.
  5. Wmen gngs gn Zhnggu zu shngyi.

  6. My company is doing business with China.
  7. W chng do Zhnggu q.

  8. I often go to China.
  9. Zhnggu y chng yu rn do wmen gngs li.

  10. Some people often come from China to my company.
  11. W xinzi zi xu Zhngwn.

  12. I am learning Chinese now.
  13. Shu de hi b lul.

  14. (I) don't speak fluently yet.
  15. Yu de hu hi tng b dng.

  16. (I) still don't understand some words.

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