Unit 5

Part I: Listen and Learn 4

Click on the speaker icon of the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.
  1. Wng xinsheng sh nl rn? [Where is Mr. Wang from? 王先生是哪裡人﹖]
  2. T sh Nnjng rn. [He is from Nanjing. 他是南京人。]
  3. T bba mma, xingd jimi du zi Zhnggu ma? [Are his parents and siblings all in China? 他爸爸媽媽﹐兄弟姐妹都在中國嗎﹖]
  4. T bba mma du zi Zhnggu. [His parents are all in China. 他爸爸媽媽都在中國]

  5. T miyou jijie mimei, y miyou gge, zh yu y ge ddi. [He doesn't have sisters, and he doesn't have (elder) brothers. He has only one (younger) brother. 他沒有姐姐妹妹﹐也沒有哥哥﹐只有一個弟弟。]
    T ddi sh gngchngsh, zi Gungzhu gngzu. [His (younger) brother is an engineer and works in Guangzhou. 他弟弟是工程師﹐在廣州工作。]
  6. T bba zu shnme gngzu? [What job does his father do? 他爸爸作什麼工作﹖]
  7. T tuxi le, zh zi Nnjng, t mma sh losh. [He has retired and lives in Nanjing. His mother is a teacher. 他退休了﹐住在南京﹐他媽媽是老師。]
  8. Wng xinsheng jihn le miyou? [Is Mr. Wang married? 王先生結婚了沒有﹖]
  9. Jihn le, yu y ge rzi, y ge ner. [He is married and he has a son and a daughter. 他結婚了﹐有一個兒子﹐一個女兒。]

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