Unit 5

Part I: Listen and Learn 3

Click on the speaker icon of the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.
  1. Xi losh, nho. [Hello, Prof. Xie. 謝老師﹐你好。]
  2. John, nho. [Hello, John. John, 你好。]
  3. Xi losh, n sh nl rn? [Prof. Xie , where are you from? 謝老師﹐你是那裡人﹖]
  4. W sh Shnghi rn. [I am from Shanghai. 我是上海人。]

  5. W sh cng Shnghi li de. [I came from Shanghai. 我是從上海來的。]
  6. N titai y sh Shnghi rn ba? [Is your wife also from Shanghai , (I guess)? 你太太也是上海人吧﹖]
  7. Shde, t y sh Shnghi rn. [Yes, she is also from Shanghai. 是 的﹐她也是上海人。]

  8. John, n sh nl rn? [John, where are you from? John, 你是哪裡人﹖]
  9. W sh Ji Zhu rn. [I am Californian. 我是加州人。]

  10. W sh zi Los Angeles chshng de. [I was born in Los Angeles. 我是在 Los Angeles 出生的。]
    Xi losh, xixie ni. [Prof. Xie, thank you. 謝老師﹐謝謝你。]
  11. B kqi. [You're welcome. 不客氣。]

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