Unit 5

Part I: Listen and Learn 1

Click on the speaker icon of each sentence and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.
  1. W sh Zhnggu rn. [I am a Chinese. 我是中國人。]
  2. W sh Bijng rn. [I am from Beijing. 我是北京人。]
  3. W sh cng Shnghi li de. [I came from Shanghai. 我是從上海來的。]
  4. T sh Migu rn. [He is an American. 他是美國人。]
  5. T sh Georgia rn. [He is from Georgia. 他是 Georgia 人。]
  6. T sh cng New York li de. [He came from New York. 他是從 New York 來的。]

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