Unit 4

Part I: Listen and Learn 5

Click on the speaker icon of the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.
  1. Xi losh, n jihn le ma? [Prof. Xie, are you married? 謝老師﹐你結婚了嗎﹖]

  2. W jihn le. [I am married. 我結婚了。]

  3. W yu y ge rzi. [I have a son. 我有一個兒子。]

  4. N rzi sh xusheng ma? [Is your son a student? 你兒子是學生嗎﹖]

  5. B, t zi Ohio gngzu. [No, he works in Ohio. 他在 Ohio 工作。
  6. N titai ne? [And your wife? 你太太呢﹖]

  7. T y sh losh, zi Davis gngzu. [She is also a teacher and works in Davis. 她也是老師﹐在 Davis 工作。]

  8. Wmen zh zi Davis. [We live in Davis. 我們住在 Davis.]

  9. Wmen rzi zh zi Ohio. [Our son lives in Ohio. 我們兒子住在 Ohio.]

  10. T zi nl gngzu. [He works there. 他在那裡工作。]

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