Unit 4

Part I: Listen and Learn 4

Click on the speaker icon of the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.
  1. John, n zh zi nl? [John, where do you live? John, 你住在哪裡﹖]

  3. W zh zi New York. [I live in New York. 我住在 New York。]

  5. N bba mma y zh zi New York ma? [Do your parents also live in New York? 你爸爸媽媽也住在 New York 嗎﹖]

  7. B, tmen zh zi New Jersy. [No, they live in New Jersy. 不﹐他們住在 New Jersy 。]

  9. N yu miyou gge ddi? [Do you have brothers? 你有沒有哥哥弟弟﹖]

  11. Miyou, w miyou gge didi. [No, I don't have brothers. 沒有,我沒有哥哥弟弟。]

  13. W zh yu y ge mimei. [I only have a (younger) sister. 我只有一個妹妹。]

  15. T y zh zi New Jersy ma? [Does she also live in New Jersy? 她也住在 New Jersy 嗎﹖]

  17. Shde, t y zh zi New Jersy. [Yes, she also lives in New Jersy. 是的﹐她也住在 New Jersy 。]

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