Unit 4

Part I: Listen and Learn 2

Click on the speaker icon of the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.
  1. Zh sh w pngyou. [This is my friend. 這是我朋友。]

  2. T jio Wng Xiohu. [ His (full) name is Wang Xiaohua. 他叫王小華。]

  3. T y sh losh, zi San Francisco gngzu. [He is also a teacher. He works in San Francisco. 他也是老師﹐在 San Francisco 工作。]

  4. T zh zi Geary ji 5690 ho. [He live at 5690 Geary St. 他住在 Geary 街 5690 號。]


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