Unit 3

Part I: Listen and Learn 5

Click on the speaker icon of the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.

  1. Zhè shì shéi? [Who is this? 這是誰﹖]
  2. Zhè shì Xiè lǎoshī de érzi. [This is Prof. Xie's son. 這是謝老師的兒子。]
  3. zài nálǐ gōngzuò. [Where does he work? 他在哪裡工作﹖]
  4. zài Ohio gōngzuò. [He works in Ohio. 他在 Ohio 工作。]


  • 'de' is a possessive marker. 'Xiè lǎoshī de érzi' means 'Prof. Xie's son'. When the relationship is very close, the word 'de' is optional. For example, ' bàba, māma, péngyou' and etc.
  • Pay particular attention to the position of a location word in a sentence. In Chinese location words usually occur before the verb. Please compare the following Chinese and English counterparts:
    • He works in Shanghai.
    • zài Shànghǎi gōngzuò.

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