Becoming a Chinese Language Teacher in the U.S.


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Becoming a Chinese Language Teacher in California

   General information:


·         California Commission on Teacher Credentialing official web site provides all information on teacher credentialing:

·         QAGeneral information about credentialing in California (in Chinese) 問答:如何取得加州公立中學中文教師資格

·         UCLA Confucius Institute: Becoming a Mandarin Instructor in the California Public Schools


 In California State University Long Beach:


·         Apply to CSU Long Beach for ADMISSION:

·         Take the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) If you need to prepare for the test, you can take the CBEST preparation course at CSULB.

·         Take the pre-requisite course EDSS300F in College of Education (one may register through the open university if not officially admitted to CSULB) and apply to the Single Subject Credential Program officially (including completing all required procedures):

·         Take the required COURSES (27 units):

·         Pass the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) in Mandarin Chinese to show your subject matter competence. UCLA Confucius Institute offers CSET workshops . Check schedule here.

·         Complete student teaching (17 units).

·         Apply to the Commission on Teaching Credentialing (TCT)

·         Foreign transcript evaluation agencies

·         Tuition and fees:

·         Single Subject Credential Program contact information:
Phone: 562-985-5325
LOTE Coordinator & Advisor: Jean-Jacques Jura Mandarin Advisor: Prof. Ressey Ai Email:
Fax: 562-985-1106
Office: ED1-67

*This page is created for information only by Dr. Tim Xie, Dept. of Asian and Asian American Studies, California State University, Long Beach, Created March 5, 2006 and last updated August 19, 2012.