Type Pinyin with tone markers

This program allows you to type Pinyin with tone markers. Type Pinyin followed by a number, e.g. Pin1yin1. You will see that the tone markers will be placed over the right syllable. Highlight the typed string. Right click the mouse button and copy it to the buffer. Then paste it in Word or other applications.

- type u followed by :, e.g. u:=>

- type u followed by :, then 1, e.g.  u:1=>

- type u followed by :, then 2, e.g.  u:2=>
- type u followed by :, then 3, e.g.  u:3=>
- type u followed by :, then 4, e.g.  u:4=>

Example: nu:3=>n

A new blank window will appear when you click the link below. Then click anywhere in the blank window. A blinking cursor will appear and you are ready to type.

Click here to begin

Source of this program: http://www.geocities.com/shixilun/pinyintextfield.swf