Striking while the irony is hot

The name of the firm that acquired Newport Medical Instruments--a company under contract with the U.S. to manufacture low-cost, easy-to-operate ventilators--and then killed the contract:


The U.S. tried to build a fleet of ventilators.  The mission failed.  
New York Times   31 March 2020

American folly: 8 November 2016
Coda to four destructive years (2017-2021)

As with any fool, Trump should be ignored and forgotten.  The Trump administration, however, should not.

"Like a hand grasping": Trump appointees describe the crushing of the C.D.C.
New York Times   16 December 2020

How the pandemic defeated America
The Atlantic   September 2020
"Coronating" a president: A tale of two pathogens

America first

Credit where credit is due (20 November 2020): the administration's persistent negligence has surely led to the current increase in the number of cases.  In turn, vaccine trials have reached threshold numbers of infections much more quickly than they would have otherwise.  Is this what 'warp speed' means?

Here's a challenge: Try to think of someone less capable of managing the CoVID crisis than the current president.  After the critical phase, we must not forget the administration's negligence and incompetence at the crucial early stage.

On 3 November 2020, the body politic activated its innate immune response that will soon eradicate the pathogenic presence in the White House.  Now, an adaptive memory is necessary in order to sterilize society against further attacks of this sort.

The fruit of liberty: coronavirus infections in Florida (Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center)

The Trump Cult by Nick Anderson

Two decades of pandemic war games failed to account for Donald Trump
Scientific Amercican   6 August 2020

An alternative to strong distancing measures: FREQUENT RAPID TESTING

The unique U.S. failure to control the coronavirus
New York Times   6 August 2020

Inside Trump's failure: The rush to abandon leadership role on the virus
New York Times   18 July 2020

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PBS Frontline   16 June 2020

When it went wrong: 8 November 2016

With Trump leading the way, America's coronavirus failures exposed by record surge in new infections
Washington Post   27 June 2020

Don't leave the WHO.  Strengthen it.
New York Times   15 June 2020

This editorial assumes that the WHO pullout has something to do with how the organization functions rather than what it plainly is: an act of impure politics that attempts to deflect attention from the administration's negligence and ineptness.  The public health responses of South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, and Germany belie that narrative

Could Trump turn a vaccine into a campaign stunt?
Ezekiel Emanuel & Paul Offit
New York Times   8 June 2020

A more likely event is that Trumpsters will hold out the promise of a vaccine by 2021.  The timing of the election (November) and "warp speed" vaccine development (December) doesn't require the actual existence of a safe and effective product.

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