Instructions for WebAssign Online System Registration


  1. Go to WebAssign (   )

  2. Click on the "I Have A Class Key" button.

  3. Enter the Class Key: csulb 9273 3155 then Click "Submit."

  4.  Verify the class information then choose "Yes, this is my class." [Course: Math 109 Modeling with Algebra, Section 4,  Instructor:     S. Watson]

  5. Click on "I need to create a WebAssign account" or "I already have an account" (depending on your own situation) and then "Continue"

  6. If you are creating a new account, you need to create a username and password, then enter your real name and email addresssdf

  7. When you proceed to log in, you will be prompted to enter an Access Code -- this code can be found in the WebAssign access card included in your textbook, or you have the option to buy an access code. 

  8. Once you correctly enter the access code, you will be led into the course system and can start to work on assigned homework problems, read the ebook, and utilize other resources in the system.



  1.   The first two weeks of class is the grace period when you can log into your WebAssgin account without having to enter an access code.

  2. Technical support for WebAssign can be found at You can also call technical support at the number on the WebAssign page.