[ photograph of David Horneck in his CSUN office ]       

David Hornbeck, Ph.D.

30 August 1940 - 22 April 2020

Reflections by
Former Students and
His Colleagues and Associates

      [ diseno for Rancho Vega del Rio de Pajaro, Monterey County, Online 
Archive of California, California Digital Library, altered from original by 
C.M. Rodrigue ]

*  Obituary
*  Hornbeck Collection
*  Curriculum vitae
*  Atlas of California
*  Reminiscences
*  Students' photographs of Dave
*  Retirement roast
*  Retirement viewgraphs
*  Growing up Dave
*  Dave's photography

               [ David Hornbeck photograph of the veins of a philodendron backlit 
by the sun ] [ David Hornbeck's photograph of the interior of an orange rose ] [ David Hornbeck's photograph of a red leaf pointing up from a basal 
rosette and backlit ] [ David Hornbeck's photograph of strawberries growing in sand ]

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