The Tempest: A Verse Translation


My verse translation of The Tempest matches Shakespeare's play line-by-line with the same syntactic complexity and vocabulary range as the original. All blank verse lines remain in verse with accurate and authentic iambic pentameter.


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  Unique words in original: 3,135

  Unique words in translation: 3,277



from Act 3, Scene 2



Are you afraid?


No, monster, not I.


Be not afraid. The isle is full of noises,

Sounds, and sweet tunes that give delight and hurt not.

Sometimes a thousand strumming instruments

Will hum around my ears, and sometimes voices,

Though I have just awoken from long sleep,

Will make me sleep again, and in my dreams

The clouds will open up and drop on me

Such riches that when I awake, I cry

And beg to dream again.


This is turning into a splendid kingdom, where music fills my court for free.


When Prospero is destroyed.