To Whom It May Concern:

My name is MEL ALDRICH, and I am using this Website in an attempt to find you!!!

The following pictures and information relate to an incident which took place on the island of Terceira in the Azores (Lajes Field), On October 18, 1946.

I had been on a weather mission aboard a B-17 (see jacket insignia) verifying area weather conditions for General Eisenhower's inbound flight from Europe (Orly).

Sunflower II actually landed before our B-17, and General Eisenhower was in conference with Colonel Chenault when I came on the scene and started filming the event from atop a jeep.

General Eisenhower called me forward for a closer look at my flight jacket insignia, which I had recently painted. I believe the closeup of the General shown here was after he greeted me, when he allowed me a parting photo.

Many photos were taken of us together but, unfortunately, I never got a copy. I AM VERY INTERESTED IN OBTAINING A PICTURE OF GENERAL EISENHOWER WITH ME AT THIS EVENT. I have included pictures of myself from that time, for your reference.

(This is a picture of me at the time)

The only prints ever made of these transparencies of General Eisenhower (the ones you see here) were made by the Eisenhower Library.

If you have ANY photos, or information as to who might have photos from this event, please contact me:

Corporal Mel Aldrich, Box 1041, Movie Ranch Road, Duck Creek Village, Utah 84762 (801) 682-2313

or, e-mail

Thank you VERY much!

Now, here come those photos.......

Here is another picture of me at the time the photo would have been taken. If you have ANY photos of me with General Eisenhower, please let me know!

Please continue for more photos.....................

This is the jacket insignia for 53rd Weather Reconnaisance...Look familiar???

I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Mel Aldrich