Welcome to David's Pickle Page!

Here, at the great web page of pickles, I will be discussing the wonders of, you guessed it, the pickle. I will be upgrading this page regularly (including: adding pickles, changing interfaces, and killing the guy that suggested I make a pickle page in the first place), so book mark this page, and come back often.

The three types of pickles:

Now as you know, there are three types of pickles in the world (at least 3 important types): there are the Claussen brand, crunchy pickles, always fresh and delicious, crunchy and zesty (buy a jar today); there's the cooked pickles, tasty, but too soft and mushy for my taste (they would make good baby food, if babies could eat pickles); and of course, there are the deli pickles - the pickles that come with your order, no matter what you order (grilled cheese sandwich comes with cole slaw and a pickle, kreplach comes with saurkreut and a pickle, and even a bagel comes with cream cheese and a pickle - served on a leaf of old lettuce) - these pickles always seem to be old, and somehow they smell funny too, moreso than normal pickles. Of course, there are a few other, less important kinds, as well.

short recap:

"I knew he could pickle!"
last updated: 8-19-95