'Jane Welsh Carlyle' was the name originally given to a special rose which came from the same pod as 'Papa Vibert'; it is of the highest interest to compare these two siblings. The photo in no way does justice to the unique beauty of 'Jane Welsh Carlyle'. The light areas one sees in the photo along the edges of the petals are not due to glare from reflections of the sunshine on the petals, nor from defects in the photographic process, but rather were present in just this way on every blossom. Nor indeed is it due to fading!—the coloration is inherent. Similarly, the fresh pink color, with its light spotting, and a light, enchanting, crinkling of the petals could only be appreciated "in person". It at first seemed destined to play a large role in my breeding program, as it was fully fertile; however, its negative characteristics of poor remontancy and feeble growth outweighed its good characteristics; after several years of trial, I have now rendered it extinct. We have the best it had to offer in the picture; meantime, we may hope that the future will bring a plant which has both its good characteristics and an improvement upon its bad characteristics. The name commemorates the talented, spirited wife of the great British literary figure Thomas Carlyle; as the rose was never released and the name never used in the trade, the name may be attached in the future to another, more worthy, rose.

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