Type: External (3.3 and later)


NLSFUNC [d:][path]filename

Purpose: Used to load a file with country-specific information.


NLSFUNC, new to DOS with DOS Version 3.3, supports the use of extended country-related information. The filename you enter should contain the country-specific information (it is defined by a COUNTRY command placed in your CONFIG.SYS file in the root dir ectory of your startup disk). If DOS does not find a COUNTRY command in the CONFIG.SYS file, it will look for a COUNTRY.SYS file in the root directory. NLSFUNC must be run before you can use the CHCP command.


To use the information found in the file COUNTRY.SYS, enter


To use the information found in the file SPECIAL.SYS, enter

nlsfunc special.sys

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