Type: External (2.0 and later)


FDISK [/status]

Purpose: Prepares a fixed disk to accept DOS files for storage.


FDISK provides a set of options related to the preparation of a fixed disk.


This command is implemented in different ways by different manufacturers. Some may replace it with a command of a different name that carries out somewhat different functions.

A menu will usually be displayed offering these FDISK functions:

1. Create DOS partitions on the fixed disk. Using this option, you can create more than one logical drive on one physical fixed disk.
2. Change an existing partition on the fixed disk.
3. Delete an existing partition on the fixed disk.
4. Display current partition information.

The program will display a series of questions. Your responses indicate the configuration options for the fixed disk.

For more information on using FDISK and other fixed-disk commands, refer to Chapter 3, Using Fixed Disks.

/status - Displays an overview of the partition information for your hard disk(s), without starting the Fdisk program. (New with DOS Version 6.)

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