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NetBeans/JavaDB(Derby Setup for Home)

Java and NetBeans Websites:

Running Derby after Installation

  1. Select the latest version of NetBeans and start it.
  2. Open the Services window (available from the window menu in NetBeans)
  3. Right-click Java DB and start the server... if you get a warning about security preventing this, there will be an option to disable this check. Disable it and restart the server
  4. Once server is started, create a database: right-click on Java DB and choose create database and fill out the information. This will create a JDBC connection URL.
  5. Right-click the JDBC connection URL for the database you created and connect to it.
  6. Once connected, right-click again on connection and choose to execute commands
  7. This will open a window where you type SQL. The results will be shown in another window below the editor.

Help with NetBeans/JavaDB: