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Marie A. Kelleher

Department of History, CSULB

1250 Bellflower Blvd.

Long Beach, CA 90840


Courses Offered:


       Early Middle Ages

       High Middle Ages

       Women in the Premodern West

       The Crusades

       Christianity and Dissent in Medieval Europe

       Age of the Renaissance

       Early Western Civilization

       Methodologies of History


Department of History, California State University, Long Beach

Monastic Matrix 

CSIC - Institució Milá i Fontanals (Barcelona)

Marie A. Kelleher

Associate Professor of Medieval History

California State University, Long Beach


Research Interests


Women and Law

Medieval Crown of Aragon

Concubines and Marginal Women


I was raised in Portland, Oregon, and received a Ph.D. in Medieval History in 2003 from the University of Kansas, where I specialized in Legal History, Women's History, and the history of medieval Spain.  In 2003, I completed my dissertation, entitled "The Fragility of the Female Sex: Women and Law in the Fourteenth-Century Crown of Aragon."  I am currently Associate Professor of History at California State University, Long Beach, where I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in medieval and renaissance history.




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The Measure of Woman: Law and Female Identity in the Medieval Crown of Aragon. Forthcoming from the University of Pennsylvania Press (2010).


"Hers by Right: Gendered Legal Assumptions and Women's Property in the Medieval Crown of Aragon." Forthcoming in the Journal of Women's History(2010).


"Law and the Maiden: Inquisitio, Fama, and the Testimony of Children in Medieval Catalonia." Viator 37 (2006): 351-367.


"Like Man and Wife: Clerics' Concubines in the Diocese of Barcelona."  Journal of Medieval History 28 (2002): 349-60.


"Boundaries of Law: Code and Custom in the Legal Practice of Early Medieval Catalonia." Comitatus 30 (1999): 1-10.



Recent Scholarly Presentations (selected)


"Miscarriages of Justice: False Accusations and Judicial Corruption in the Medieval Crown of Aragon."  American Historical Association annual meeting (American Association of Research Historians of Medieval Spain sponsored session), Atlanta, GA, January 4-7, 2007.


"El discurso legal del género en la Alta Edad Media" [The Legal Discourse of Gender in the High Middle Ages].  XIII Coloquio Internacional de la Asociación Española de Investigación de Historia de las Mujeres, Barcelona, October 2006.


"Re-gendering Law in the Medieval Mediterranean: the Case of a Catalan Materfamilias."  41st annual Medieval Congress (Medieval Club of New York sponsored session), Kalamazoo, MI, May 2006.


"Sexual Transgression and the Legal Taxonomy of Women."  California Medieval History Seminar, Huntington Library, Pasedena, CA, February 2006.


"Inquisitorial Procedure and the Testimony of Children."  American Society of Legal Historians, Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, October 28-31, 2004.




"Inquisitorial Procedure and the Testimony of Children."  American Society of Legal Historians, Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, October 28-31, 2004.