CSULB - Computer Engineering and Computer Science

In order to complete your degree program and graduate, you must meet the following conditions:

Exit Requirements

The MS degree offers two paths to completion:

Path 1 - Comprehensive Exam

The Comprehensive Exam is a three part exam based on material from CECS 524, CECS 528, CECS 543. The all three exams given on one day, usually in the second month of the semester. In order to be eligible to take the Comprehensive Exam you must:

If you chose the Comprehensive Exam Option:

Path 2. Thesis with Oral Defense

The Thesis Option requires a total of 6 units: At least 3 of the units must be taken from CECS 698, the remaining units may be taken from either CECS 697 or CECS 698. To be eligible for the Thesis option a student must:

If you chose the Thesis Option:

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