CSULB - Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Applying to the Program

To be eligible for acceptance at a minimum you:

Students may be admitted on a conditional basis, subject to the requirement that they remedy any deficiencies subsequent to admission. However, students with missing classes almost never get accepted.

Letters of recommendation are not required. There is no separate application for the department.

Apply online at Cal State Apply

For US residents

all application materials and admission questions should be directed to CSULB Enrollment Services by the posted deadlines.

For International students

all application materials and admission questions should be directed to the CSULB Center for International Education (Note: this includes questions related to Visas, English requirements, fees, etc.)

International deadlines are here

Information about English language requirements can be found here

The GRE is NOT required.


Students are required to have taken the following prerequisite courses (or their equivalents) in their undergraduate or post-baccalaureate study (Note: any deficiencies must be removed prior to Advancement to Candidacy):

All of the following courses (or their equivalent at your undergraduate university):

One of the following:

Deficiencies in prerequisites must be made good before Advancement to Candidacy which for practical purposes means within three semesters.


Classified vs. Conditional Classified

"Classified" means a student has completed all prerequisites needed for the MSCS degree.

"Conditional Classified" means a student has up to three prerequisite classes that are considered deficiencies and must be completed. For Conditional Classified students:

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