CSULB - Computer Engineering and Computer Science

Enrollment/Applying Related Questions

Is the GRE required?

No. We do not consider GRE at all.

Can I defer my enrollment after I am accepted?

It is not be possible to defer enrollment. You will need to reapply for whatever semester you plan to actually enroll.

Do I need Letters of Recommendation?

No, Letters of Recommendation are not required. We have no way to accept them.

Can I transfer into the MSCS program?

No. Students already in another MS program have to apply to the MSCS program like a new student. However, if you are accepted you possibly could transfer up to 9 hours of graduate work from your previous school (with approval of the Graduate Adviser).

Curriculum Related Questions

What are the required courses?

The required courses are CECS 524, 528, 530, 543, 551.

What are the elective courses?

Essentially any other 500 level CECS course and possibly 697 and 698. 9 credit units of 400 level courses are allowed with the permission of the Graduate Advisor. Electives are listed in the MSCS program plan at MSCS Program Plan

Advancement to Candidacy Related Questions

What is Advancement to Candidacy?

Advancement to Candidacy is your contract with the University specifying what you will accomplish to earn your MSCS degree. Advancement to Candidacy is your most important step toward a successful graduation.

On your ATC petition, you will need to declare the exit option (Thesis or Comprehensive Exam) you will be completing in order to graduate. Once approved, you will receive an official email confirmation from Enrollment Services. Keep a record of this email, as you will need to notify the university if anything on your original ATC petition changes.

When should I advance to candidacy?

You should Advance to Candidacy as soon as possible (usually by the end of the first two semesters). You must Advance to Candidacy at least one semester before you graduate. You must Advance to Candidacy before you can enroll in CECS 697, CECS 698 or take your Comprehensive Exams. At the time of Advancement to Candidacy and Graduation a student must be in good standing and their GPA for the course required for their MSCS degree must be at least 3.0. Their grades in all ten courses which count toward their MSCS degree must be at least C.

How do I ATC?

Email or visit your helpful Graduate Adviser and tell him/her that:

1) You have completed 9 units of CORE courses

2) You have completed all required prerequisites with a GPA of 3.0 or better

3) You have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better in your MSCS courses

4) You are in Good Standing

Your transcript must present an exact match with what you have declared on your ATC petition in order to graduate. If anything changes, you must complete and submit a Change of Program Plan form

Looking for Trouble Related Questions

Can I skip the first week of classes?

Attendance is mandatory for the first week of in person and online and hybrid classes. An instructor may summarily dismiss you from a course if you are absent.

Am I in "Good Standing" with the Program?

Good Standing means you have at least an 3.00 GPA on all graduate work for the MS and you have completed required courses with a grade of no lower than C.

How do I get on Academic Warning (probation)?

Mostly you get on Academic Warning by having your graduate GPA fall below 3.00. This can happen from your very first semester.

How do I get off Academic Warning?

Mostly you get off Academic Warning by getting your graduate GPA >= 3.00 within 2 semesters of being placed on Academic Warning. For example, you started the program in Fall 2021. Made two B's and a C. Bang! Academic Warning at 2.667. You have until the end of Fall 2022 to get your GPA >= 3.00. Every C you make must be balanced by an A.

What happens if I don't clear Academic Warning after two semesters?

Mostly you get thrown out of the University. Officially "Academically Disqualified". Wasted all that time, money and effort.

I got a C, D or F. Can it be replaced or deleted?

No. All grades appear on your transcript and cannot be removed, deleted or replaced. However, you will be required to retake the course(s) you got the poor grade in to satisfy MSCS Program requirements. Grades of D and F count towards you GPA but towards your 30 units.

Employment Related Questions

Are there any TA or GA jobs?

Yes. Nearly every semester the department hires graduate students. Students are usually not hired their first semester. Responsibilities include teaching lab sections, grading for large classes and washing faculty cars. (Just kidding)

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