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Dr. Kölzer-Sprenger Balloon Theodolite, Berlin Germany

This theodolite model was acquired from from a collector in Washington State in 2003.  It was manufactured manufactured in Berlin Germany in 1938.  The Gerlach (Warsaw Poland) instrument is an earlier variant in this instruments lineage.   These instruments are refinements of the original Bosch and Bosch instruments that date to back to 1905.   A later version of this instrument family was produced by Rudolf & August company of Vienna Austria in 1949.  

The  Kölzer-Sprenger can be read from the front or back, it has a large range of adjustable focus, lighting and no finder scope.   It is about the same size as the Warren Knight instruments.   The battery box is not present on this instrument.  See Dr. Hegar's page on the German instrument for photos and details of his similar instrument.

Drive Type Positively Engaging Tangent Screw Compass No
Display Type vernier .1 degree Levels 2 plate,  bubble tube
Main Telescope 40 mm 7.5x 2.5deg. Mounting 3 screw leveling head,
Finder Telescope
(on some units, other lack this)
NO Illumination 2,  lamps, scales
Gun Site Yes Weight (theodolite only) approx 8.6 kg