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SIAP Balogna 


This Italian Pilot Balloon theodolite is of unknown vintage.  It is very similar to the Askania theodolite on this site.  It is likely that the Siap is derivative of the German Askania design.  The Siap has two separate telescopes systems, unlike its American or British contemporaries.  A number of German designed pilot balloon theodolties are set up this way including the Askania theodolite, the Askania recording theodolite and the currently produced Breithaupt pilot balloon theodolites.  The theodolite has two vertical circles (200 degree arcs) and two vernier sets allowing it to be read from the front by the observer or from the back by a second person.  Lighting is only provided on the rear set of scales


This instrument was acquired in 2006 from a seller in Canada.

Photo showing Objective side of a Siap pilot balloon theodolite Photo of the eyepiece side (two eyepieces) of a Siap pilot balloon theodolite
Photo showing a Siap pilot balloon theodolite with its case.

This theodolite has accessories in the lid of the case including the electrical connection, the lighting units which are removable and three colored eyepiece filters.  The theodolite case is threaded allowing the case to be mounted to a pier and the theodolite leveled and operated while still attached to the bottom of the case.   


Drive Type Friction/Worm Compass Yes
Display Type Vernier to .1 degree Levels 2, top,  bubble tube
Main Telescope 35 mm 16 x? Mounting Three level screws
Finder Telescope 13.5mm 3x?
individual eyepieces
Illumination  1x scales
& 1 reticule
Gun Site Yes 2, main telescope Weight 3kg