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Seiler Model 2000 Pibal Theodolite

Seiler Model 2000 Pilot Balloon Theodolite front side view Seiler Model 2000 Pilot Balloon Theodolite Rear Side view

The Seiler Model 2000 Pilot Balloon Theodolite is a ML-47 specification theodolite.  It was produced concurrently with the David White 6061 and appears very similar.  It is made with different tooling so it is not identical and some parts are not interchangeable with David White 6061 units or later Warren-Knight units.  The Seiler instrument is made predominantly with brass parts, the only major aluminum parts are the vertical circle guard and the finder scope assembly.   It uses a round rheostat housing that is smaller in diameter than comparable David White instruments, and pin connectors on the lamps like early David White production.

Very few Seiler instruments were made perhaps only a single procurement contract of a couple hundred units.

Drive Type Positively Engaging Tangent Screw Compass Yes Fixed
Display Type Micrometer .1 degree Levels 2 plate,  bubble tube
Main Telescope 42 mm 21x 2deg. Mounting 4 screw leveling head, 3.5"x8tpi
Finder Telescope
(on some units, other lack this)
17mm 4x 10deg.
single eyepiece
Illumination 3, 3 Volt lamps, scales
Gun Site Yes 1, 2 way foldable pair, main telescope Weight (theodolite only) 8.6 kg