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Up Slide Rules Plotting Board Fillers and Weights Lighting Unit 10gm Balloon

Pibal Accessories & Historical Items
This page contains information and links to suppliers of balloons fillers and accessories used in pibal ascents as well as pages with interesting items no longer available such as specialized slide rules and plotting boards.

Special Note on Balloons:
Balloon Comparisons: After 60 years of production Kaysam the only US manufacturer of meteorological balloons has ceased production.  As a result the only manufacturer high quality meteorological balloons is Totex of Japan.  These balloons have a high manufacturing quality, however their neck sizes may be different than stocks of  Kaysam balloons that were in use by various users.   For some users this will require a change in nozzle injectors or nozzles.    See balloon size comparison pages for 10 gram and 30 gram balloons. 

Balloon Fillers and Weights Sets:
Information about weight sets and gasses used to prepare pilot balloons. Also Hydrogen generators.

Historical Items:
Pilot Balloon Slide Rules

A series of Pilot Balloon Slide rules were produced to the specifications of the Meteorological Office of the United Kingdom.  4 models are represented here.

Pilot Balloon Plotting Boards 
Photos instructions for use of a 24" square graphing board for converting observations into wind speed direction data. Also images of U.S.N. 1981 Plotting Board and Weather Bureau, Winds Aloft Plotting Baord.

Pilot Balloon Lighting Unit (Viz Manufacturing)
I don't know if they are still made by this Manufacturer.  Similar water activated units are still available through Novalynx above.

Suppliers Balloons and Inflation Kits:
Scientific Sales is a distributor of Consumer and Industrial Weather Products.   They have some pages on Meteorological Balloons (Totex).  The pages include Specifications with Balloon Weight, Free lift, Inflation Volume, and the all important Ascent Rate.

Kaymont Consolidated is the largest supplier of Totex Meteorological Balloons to U.S. government, educational, and commercial institutions.   Balloons produced with the spun mold process.  They market balloons in all of the standard sizes.   The pages include Specifications with Balloon Weight, Free lift, Inflation Volume, and the all important Ascent Rate.

Warren-Knight markets balloons in 30 and 100 gram sizes.  Also note the balloon inflation kit on this site.  This page also has information on meteorological devices for measuring cloud height.

Novalynx Meteorological Instruments and Systems, markets a wide variety of meteorological equipment, including theodolites, clinometers, balloons, and lighting units.