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Askania Werke -  Bambergwerk, Belin-Friedenau    Ballon Theodolit

This German Pilot Balloon Theodolite is 1940's vintage.  It has two separate telescopes systems, unlike its American or British contemporaries.  The theodolite has two vertical circles (200 degree arcs) and two vernier sets allowing it to be read from the front by the observer or from the back by a second person.  

This instrument was acquired in 2004 from a collector in Sweden.

photo if eyepiece side of an Askania Pilot Balloon Theodolite photo front side of an Askania Pilot Balloon Theodolite
Photo showing verniers of an Askania Pilot Balloon Theodolite Photo Showing the objective side and vertical circle of an Askania Pilot Balloon Theodolite

In the photo above shows the verniers for elevation and azimuth, the lighting unit for these scales has been removed.  

A similar instrument is in the collection of Mr. Wilhelm Heger.  It can be viewed at here.  Mr. Heger's Gt1 has a serial number of 360xxx and this unit 571xxx so this example would be built after 1942.  In addition this instrument has a different prism housing then Mr. Heger's

Drive Type Friction/Worm Compass No
Display Type Vernier to .1 degree Levels 1, top,  bubble tube
Main Telescope 40 mm 16 x Mounting Three level screws
Finder Telescope 13.5mm 3x
single eyepiece
Illumination  2x scales
& 1 reticule
Gun Site Yes 1, main telescope Weight 3kg