Current Course Offerings at CSULB

Haptic Systems for Virtual Reality and Teleoperation (MAE 578)

Course Description: This graduate-level course offers an introduction to haptic systems which involve virtual and teleoperated environments that are displayed through force and/or tactile feedback. Topics covered include human haptic sensing and control, design of haptic interfaces, haptics for teleoperation, haptic rendering and modeling of virtual environments, control and stability issues, and applications such as surgical simulation and teleoperated robots. (Course offerings: even spring semester)

Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanisms (MAE 375)

Course Description: This upper-division ME course covers the fundamental of kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms, including structural and mobility considerations; graphical and analytical methods for linkage synthesis and position, velocity and acceleration analysis; cams and gears; analysis of combined static and dynamic forces in mechanisms.

Computer Methods for MAE (MAE 205)

Course Description: The course introduces students to the application of computer programming (MATLAB) as a tool to solve engineering problems and input-output concepts for both numerical and graphical results. The course is highly focused on lab-based exercises using the MATLAB software. The lectures and assignments integrate basic math and engineering principles, such as matrix manipulation and derivative, and demonstrate the use of the software to solve real world engineering problems.

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering (MAE 101B)

Course Description: The freshman-level course provides an introduction to various aspects of the mechanical engineering profession. In this course, students learn about different disciplines of mechanical engineering, their impact on the society, and the skills that help prepare the students to succeed in college and in a professional career. The covered topics include mathematical and engineering fundamentals, engineering design, and creative thinking and problem solving skills. Students participate in a group design project on various themes. (Course offerings: spring semester only)

Introduction to Engineering Profession (ENGR 101)

Course Description: The freshman-level course is aimed to introduce the incoming students to the Engineering programs available at CSULB and to assist students in recognizing the wide diversity of opportunities in engineering. The course includes lectures and guest presentations from engineers from various disciplines. Students also learn basic writing and presentation skills for technical communication through individual and team papers.

Previous Course Offerings

Analysis and Design of Machine Component (MAE 471)

Course Description: The senior-level course includes lectures, assignments, and a group project. The course focuses on the application of the principles of mechanics and physical properties of materials to the proportioning of machine elements, including consideration of function, safety, production, and economic factors.