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CAMPUS COMPUTER LABS: The CSULB campus has extensive computer labs available seven days a week to all registered students in the Main Library, LA-5 (third floor), and the North Campus Library. Be sure to bring your student ID, a floppy disk to save messages and information you find on the Internet. It is also recommended that you purchase a "Beach Card" so you can pay for printing in the labs. Information on the schedules and locations of the labs is available here:

CSULB COMPUTER ACCOUNTS: If you do not yet have a CSULB computer account, you can get one in the lobby of the North Campus Library. Be sure to bring your student ID. These are free to all registered CSULB students. Your account will give you an e-mail address, access to our class discussion group, and a place to put your Web page.


  • The Main Library offers workshops on using e-mail and the World Wide Web. When schedules for spring are announced, they will be included here.
  • Academic Computing Services is developing new workshops for student training on the Internet. When that schedule is announced for spring, it will be included here.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the lab attendants in the campus computer labs for help if you have problems using the Internet. That's what they're being paid to do. If you use the labs at times when they are not quite so busy, you will get more personal attention.


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