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Philosophy 361/599
Philosophy of Art and Beauty
CSU Long Beach
Spring 1998

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Anderson, Erik:

Bedford, Marianne:

Bowen, Jack:

Brooks, Don:

Burns, Robert:

Caddell, Margo:

Claybrooks, James:

Dinh, Thao Quang:

Gaines, Jennie:

Herrera, Edward:

Hill-Ries, Aline:

Homann, Ezra:

Knight, Rebecca:

Langen, Mandy:

Lee, Kevin:

Lum, Alice:

Matera, Walter:

Medina, Cynthia:

Miller, Daniel:

Nichol, Timothy:

Pickens, Terence:,

Regis Lima, Joao E.:

Rhi, Tony:

Roddy, John:

Ruohoniemi, Jon:

Shetland, Brian:

Sow, Alpha:

Spencer, Sandra:

Truong, MaryAnn:

Wedmore, Brian:

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