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You should have these skills mastered no later than the start of class, January 26. Lab attendants in all CSULB campus labs can help you with these basic functions, if you do not yet know how to do them.

ACCESS THE WORLD WIDE WEB: You must be able to access a site on the World Wide Web. As you will want to print-out the assigned readings, you should know how to print out a Web site. For the final course project, you will need to learn how to use Web "search engines" to locate sites on the Web.

E-MAIL: You must know how to send and receive e-mail on a regular basis.

E-MAIL ATTACHMENTS: You will be required to submit your papers as files attached to e-mail messages. If you do not know how to do that, step-by-step instructions are available here. You are welcome to send the instructor "test" files before the deadline to be sure you have mastered this technique.

DISCUSSION GROUP: You must know how to access our class discussion group. You can use Netscape News (the newsreader included in the Netscape browser program). You can also use a separate newsreader program, if you prefer. If you do not have newsgroup software from your ISP, check with your internet provider (either their on-line "help" section or their 800 number) to find out how to download and set up a newsreader.

WEB-AUTHORING: For the final project, due May 18, you will be required to author and post a Web page. You are not expected to know how to do this at the beginning of the semester. On-line, step-by-step instructions for web-authoring with Netscape Composer are available on-line here. As necessary, we will schedule optional training in campus labs in April on web-authoring, for students having trouble with these instructions. You are free to use a different program for web-authoring, if you know how to use another program.


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