Multi-disciplinary DSP Lab

DSP has many applications such as detection and classification in machine learning, audio signal processing, satellite communications, sensor array processing, digital image processing, control systems, biomedical signal processing, green energy and smart systems, etc. DSP is the backbone of wireless communication, machine learning, and smart grid. More than 2000 students has been trained since 1986. More than five Ph.D. and 160 MS student theses/projects have been presented.

Hardware: TMS320 DSP Boards, Xilinx FPGA Boards


Research and Teaching Projects/Courses in Multi-disciplinary DSP Lab

Signal Processing and Machine Learning, Communication Systems

Control, Smart Grid and Power Systems, Green Energy, Smart Systems/Machine Learning

Transportation Systems

Undergraduate and Graduate DSP/Machine Learning Courses

Past and Present IEEE Distinguished Lectures in Multi-disciplinary DSP Lab (Partial List)

Both Inspiration and Technical Lectures in DSP/Machine Learning, Communications, MATLAB Toolboxes

Past Workshops and Seminars in Multi-disciplinary DSP Lab (Partial List)

MATLAB Machine Learning, Xilinx FPGA, TI Digital Signal Processors