Tavassol Research Lab

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

California State University Long Beach

We use Chemistry and Materials Science to develop devices for a sustainable energy cycle, an important aspect of human survival. This means facilitating large-scale utilization of solar and wind energy. We also study charge transfer in redox enzymes that perform small molecules (N2 and O2) catalysis relevant to energy cycle.
Our work focuses on fundamental understanding and design of chemical interfaces, especially in electrochemical systems. We fabricate materials, specifically designed toward interfacial processes, which are essential in the system level performance of electrochemical devices, and mimic biological systems. We use in-situ characterization techniques to elucidate the interplay of materials and function. We prepare inter-layers, thin films, and molecular assemblies and employ advanced electrochemical and laser spectroscopy techniques to study energy devices and biological systems.


08/15/19 Our new paper titled "Oxygen Vacancy and Chemical Ordering Control Oxygen Evolution Activity of Sr2–xCaxFe2O6−δ Perovskites" is available in ACS Appl. Energy Mater (link)
08/01/19 Hadi, Lynn and Jiam give talk in ACS Fall meeting in San Diego
Peter, Calum and Andrew present in MRS Spring Meeting
in Phoenix

Hadi gave a talk on
"Chemomechanical Effects in Electrocatalysis" in ECS meeting in Seattle

02/26/18 Listen as Hadi talks with BeachTV CSULB on "Sustainable Energy and Electrochemical Processes"
A new paper titled "Polypyrrole-assisted oxygen electrocatalysis on perovskite oxides" is online

12/12/16 New members have joined our lab during the fall 2016 semester, please check out the "Our team" section for more information
08/17/16 Our first day

Hadi Tavassol

California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd. Long Beach, CA

Office: Hall of Science 348
Lab: Hall of Science 355
Phone: (562) 985-4844