Physics 360

Scientific Computing with Mathematica for Students


Physics, Engineering and Applied Math



Course description:

This course serves as a guide for using "Mathematica" symbolic programing sofware to enhance problem-solving abilities of the students in present or future courses in physics, engineering and mathematics. Just as the calculator eliminated laborious numerical commutations, symbolic algebra programs eliminate tedious algebraic computations thereby freeing up time for creative thinking. With Mathematica you can perform numerical calculations and symbolic manipulations, as well as create sophisticated graphics and animations. You can use mathematica's graphic tools to help visualize complex numerical and symbolic calculations. As a result you can gain greater insight into the problem at hand. Mathematica is also a programming language that can be used to write traditional types of programs. In this course mathematica's command relevant to the problem at hand, including graphics and or/ animated representation, is fully explained.

Who should take this course? This course is designed for Physics, Math and Engineering students as well as engineers and scientists at professional levels with no previous knowledge of programming in "Mathematica".

Course Prerequisites:

* Calculus 1 and 2.

* Physics 151: Calculus base Mechanics and Heat.

* Physics 152: Calculus base Electricity and Magnetism can be taken concurrently with this course.

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