Physical Science 112 Lectures with Astronomy and Physics Animations

(Under Constructions)

H. Tahsiri

References: "Lecture Notes Manual"

Astronomy "Lectures A, B, C, D, E" with Animations.

1) Celestial Sphere  2) Earth Wobble  3) Sun in Ecliptic  4) Solar verses Sidereal day  5) Seasons 6) Seasons and Sunlight  7) Moon Phases  8) Moon's motion and phases  9) Moon tilt orbit  10) Total, Partial and Annular Eclipses 
11) Total Lunar Eclipse 12) Total Solar Eclipse movie 

13 a) Total Solar Eclipse animation

13 b) Eclipses

14) Lunar Eclipses , Umbra and Penumbra  15) Moon face toward Earth 16) Earth-Moon Tides

17 a) Retrograde Motion (Scientific explanation with animation)

17 b) Retrograde Motion with animation

17 b) Retrograde Motion (Scientific explanation) 18) Retrograde Motion(Ancient explanation) 19) Eclipse of Venus (Scientific explanation)
20) Eclipse of Venus (Scientific explanation)  21) Eclipse of Venus (Ancient explanation)  22) Coriolis Effect Caused by Earth's rotation  23) Click to see the animations Universe by W. H Freeman  24) Click to see the Interactive Exercises Universe by W. H. Freeman          

Astronomy "Lecture F" History and Kepler's Law with Animations

1) Kepler's first, second and the third law  2) Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion  3) Kepler's third law  4) Kepler's second law  5) Kepler's law  6) Kepler's three laws My favorite        

Physics "Lecture G" Motion with Animations.
1) Motion   2)Acceleration 3) Free Fall 4) Projectile Motion 5) Play gulf 6) Projectile motion with components 7) Horizontal projectal 8) Projectile with air friction 9) Monkey and the gun 10)Relative velocity My favorite

Physics "Lecture H" Newton's Law s of Motion with Animations.
1)Newton's three laws  2) Newton's third law 3) Impulse and momentum 4) Impulse = change in momentum 5) Conservation of momentum 6) Collision types 7) Momentum Misconceptions 8) Angular momentum 9) Collision on an air track  10) Car crash

Physics "Lecture I" Gravity with Animations.
1) Gravity   2) Free Fall lab 3)Weightlessness 4) Astronauts simulate Zero g 5) Acceleration due To Gravity plus dropping a hammer and a feather on the Moon  6) Forces on an observer in the elevator 7)Centripetal force      

Physics "Lecture J" Energy with Animations.

1)  Work and energ 2) Conservation of enrgy 3) Types of energy 4) Energy of rolling 5) Conservation of energy with and without friction 6) Conservation of energy and pendulum 7) Energy in a falling body  8) Energy of a roller coaster