Hojin Moon, PhD

Associate Professor of Statistics


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

California State University - Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90840-1001
Voice: 562-985-4727
Fax: 562-985-8227



  Statistical Learning Methods

  Animal Carcinogenicity/Tumorigenicity Studies



MATH 108: Statistics for Everyday Life, F-07, W08, W09
MATH 115: Calculus for Business, SU-08
STAT 381: Mathematical Statistics, F-08
STAT 510: Regression Analysis, F-07, F-08

STAT 475: Data Analysis with SAS, SP-09
STAT 560: Nonparametric Statistics, SP-08, SP-09
STAT 570: Statistical Simulation, SP-08