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Biol 153

Introduction to Marine Biology (click to view photos)

Scientific approach to the study of marine organisms and their relationships to the environment. Emphasis on human interaction with marine ecosystems. (Lecture 2 hrs., laboratory and field 3 hrs.) Field trips may be required outside of scheduled class time. 3 units.

Prerequisites: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in courses that fulfill the A.1 and B.2 GE requirements.

Biol 260


Use of probability and statistics in the description and analysis of biological data. (Lecture 2 hrs., laboratory 3 hrs.) 3 units.

Prerequisites: BIOL 211A or BIOL 207 or MICR 200; MATH 112 or 117 or 119A or 122.

Biol 350

General Ecology (click to view photos)

Relationships of plants and animals to their physical and biological environment; structure and function of populations, communities and ecosystems. (Lecture 3 hrs., and two required Saturday field trips.)  3 units.

Prerequisite: BIOL 211A,B with grade of C or better, 260; MATH 112 or 117 or 119A or 122. Chemistry and physics recommended.

Biol 411/511

Marine Mammalogy (click to view photos)

Fundamental biological, ecological, and physiological concepts of all marine mammals, including cetaceans, pinnipeds, walruses, sirenians, and polar bears will be covered. Information concerning taxonomy, distribution, morphology, physiology, reproduction, and feeding will be obtained through textbook readings and current scientific literature. Laboratory will consist of fieldtrips, which may include weekends and spring recess. (Lecture 2 hrs., laboratory and field 3 hrs.) 3 units.

Prerequisites: BIOL 153 or 353, BIOL 345, 350, all with grade of “C” or better, and consent of instructor. (Undergraduates enroll in BIOL 411; graduates enroll in BIOL 511.)

Biol 454A/554A

Research in Tropical Marine Ecology  (click to view photos)

Field and laboratory studies, lectures, and individual research on tropical marine biological problems. Designed to engage students in experimental research, including: recognizing a problem, designing and carrying out a project, statistical data analysis, and oral and written report presentation. An eight-day field trip to Hawaii will be required during the spring recess at student expense. Enrollment is limited. (Lecture 1 hr., 8 day field trip.)

Prerequisites: BIOL 260, either 350 or 353, and 313 or 413 or 419 or 425. (Undergraduates register in BIOL 454; graduates register in BIOL 554.)

Biol 664

Seminar in Marine Biology

(Past Courses:  Feeding ecology of marine mammals, Invasive Species )

Critical evaluation of the primary literature of this field, including oral and/or written presentation of critiques. Course may be repeated to a maximum of 3 units with different topics. (Seminar 2 hrs.) 2 units.  Open to Graduate Students only.

* Rotating Instructors