Puvungna Pictures

Here are some pictures showing the location of the site and some of the activities at Puvungna. This is a first attempt to put this material on the web, and we expect to be updating this material over the next few months.


1. Map of Campus:
Here is a map of the campus and nearby freeways,
showing the National Register sites, LAn-234, 235, & 306.
Modified from campus map by Gene Ruyle.


2. View of Campus:
Here is a view of the campus from the West,
showing the National Register sites, LAn-234 & 235.
Modified from campus catalog by Gene Ruyle.


3. Storytelling at Puvungna:
Chumash storyteller Sue Diaz teaching
local schoolchildren about the Indian heritage
of Southern California during Kaleidoscope, 1995.
Photo by Gene Ruyle, April 1995.


4. Prayer Vigil at Puvungna:
Cherokee Patrick Moffett drums in honor of
Juaneno Indian elder Lillian Robles
during prayer vigil, June 1993.
Scanned from L.A. Times photo, 6/19/93.


5. Gardens Destroyed
Kyle Sampson (Navaho) stands in the middle,
of what had been the Organic Gardens at Puvungna.
Photo by Jan Sampson, 1993.

This document posted on August 24, 1995.