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The Human Adventure
From Ancestral Communism to the Seventh Generation
( 2003 edition for web)

This is my magnum opus. It was orginially written as a textbook for my course, The Human Adventure (ANTH 311ic at CSULB), during the 1980s and completed in 1991 As part of my process of updating it for the twentyfirst century, I am making this earlier version (with some editing) avaialbe on the web in the summer of 2003.It is available in both html and pdf format, but must be downloaded one chapter at a time.


Title Page [pdf-1p]

Intoduction [html] -or- [pdf-8pp]

Chapter 1: The Great American Myth [html] -or- [pdf-25pp]

Chapter 2: Toward a History of Social Thought [html] -or- [pdf-40pp]

Chapter 3: Toward an Anmthropological Marxism [html] -or- [pdf-38pp]

Chapter 4: Institutional Alternatives [html] -or- [pdf-29pp]

Chapter 5 :Prehistoric Revolutions [html] -or-[pdf-19pp]

Chapter 6: The Revolutionary Bourgeoisie [html] -or-[pdf-20pp]

Chapter 7: The Bourgeoisie in Triumph and Decay [html] -or-[pdf-38pp]

Chapter 8: World Revolution of the Proletariat [html] -or- [pdf-26pp]

Concluding Remarks [html] -or- [pdf-2pp]

Bibliography [html] -or- [pdf-14pp]