Multicultural Education

- A -

Aboriginal Resources

Africa Access Review (Annotations and critiques of children’s materials on Africa)

African-American History


African Studies Centers in the USA

Afro-rhythms or call 1-888-838-4426 (background information on the cultures that use certain instruments; a search engine is also available to find geographically specific musical instruments)

Anti-Racism - European Crosspoint (links with organizations in other continents and countries)

Artists Against Racism

Ask an Expert (Intercultural/International)

Asian Continent (AskAsia - Cultural information, games, activities, relevant links) (East Asian Studies Center of Indiana University – K-12)
(virtual tour of China for K-12 students)

Asia's Influence on the West, on the U.S., in particular

AT&T Diversity Page

- B -

Bilingual Education Resources (Separating fact from fiction) (LMRINET-Linguistic Minority Research Institute (NCLE- National Clearinghouse for ESL LIteracy Education)

Black (African-American) Educators

Black (African-American) Genealogy OR

Black (African-American) History (Encarta Africana) (free resources to engage student interest)

Black (African-American) History and Culture, Library of Congress Resource Guid

Black (African-American) Inventors (Women)

Black (African-American) Journals

African American Review
Black Music Research Journal
Black Renaissance/Renaicssance Noire
Journal of Negro Education
Langston Hughes Review
Review of Black Political Economy
Studies in the World History of Slavery, Abolition, and Emancipation
The Western Journal for Black Studies

Black (African-American) Journey

Black (News and features about African Americans)

Black (African-American) Site List

Black, Universal Pages

Black Vote (weekly poll on political and social issues) Black Vote

Black (African American) Women Inventors Black Vote

- C -

Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) Also:

Center for World Indigenous Studies - Fourth World nations

gopher:// Web site:

Chicano/Latino Network (Also see "Latino") Data Book)

Children's Books (multicultural books and /or books in other languages)

Clearinghouses on Languages and Linguistics, Rural Education and Small Schools, Urban Education


Communication with Speakers of Other Languages (offers access to German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, French, Japanese, Sweish, Romanian, Korean, or Turkish versions) and provides free communication services such as groups of interest and micro-blogging - QM People

Cuban Culture in Los Angeles


- D -

Democracy (IDEA is the acronym for the Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access)

Disadvantaged Sudents

Disadvantaged Students - National Institute on Educating At Risk Students

Disadvantaged Students and Educational Reforms for At-Risk Students

Disadvantaged Students - Center for Research on Students Placed at Risk (CRESPARP)


- E -

Educational Native American Network (ENAN) - (See "Native American" below)

ERIC - Languages and Linguistics

ERIC - Rural Education and Small Schools

ERIC - Urban Education


European Colonization of North America

- F -

Foreign Language Education (FLES)

- G -

Gay Pride

Geography (National Geographic)

Getty Museum Internet Education Program (See multicultural Art Print Series)

- H -     

Haiti Center and Haiti Online Also:

Hate and Violence

HIP HOP ( acronym for "Highways into the Past: History, Organizing, and Power."Project--Civil     Rights Movement)

History/Social Studies

     (Teaching history per Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the U.S.")

Hmong Homepage

Holocaust - Nizcor (Canada) (Voices of the Holocaust)

Homework (See Civil Rights)

Homosexuality - Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Human Languages

- I -

Immigration Update

Indigenous Peoples (See Nativeweb -below)

Intercultural E-mail Classroom Connection

Intercultural Resources

Islam (Learning and Teaching About Islam)

- J -

Jewish Magnes Museum (holy days)

- L -

Language and Culture (ESL teachers)

Language Minority Research Institute


Lao Links

Latino (Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science - SACNAS)

- M -

Making Hearts Sing (Fables from China, Russia, Japan, Korea, and France)

Middle East (American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) (Iraq Action Coalition) (Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) (Voices in the Wilderness)

Minorities in Science

Multicultural Alliance (recruitment of people of color)

Multicultural Book Review

Multicultural Education

    (Community Guide) (American Studies--Race and Ethnicity) (Multicultural Literature) (Crossing Borders) (Racial Conflict Reduction) (Initial Thoughts) (James Banks)

Multicultural Pavilion (UVa)-Site with links to many multicultural resources around the world - Teacher's Corner

- N -

National Association for Ethnic Studies

National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning

gopher:// - Web site:

National Clearinghouse on Bilingual Education


Native American Resources (Indian Teachers and Students - Resources) (profiles of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers)

Native Americans (National Endowment for the Humanities-Saddleback Community College)

Native Americans of California --

Native Americans/Westward Movement--K.I.D.S. (Kids Identifying and Discovering Sites)

Nativeweb - indigenous peoples around the world

 NativeWeb--links on Edsitement Sites--

NCBE Homepage - website with links to Language and culture learning

NetGlos: The Multilingual Glossary of Internet Terminology (World Wide Language Institute)

Newspaper (International) for Grades 4-12 (Global Gazette)

- P -      

Pen Pals (English and Spanish) (World's Pen Pal program) (Cyber Pals in 189 U.N. nations)

Pluribus Unum - National Center for Restructuring Education


Professional Organizations and Resources

- R -

Real Saigon (information on Vietnamese history, customs)

Respect (Steps to Respect and Violence Prevention Program)

- S -

School Attributes that Foster Success (Early Education) 3.html (What children Bring to School) (National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity)

Sister Class Projects (International) - Shared projects from "shore to shore"

Society of Cambodian Students and Professional (SCSP)

Southern Poverty Law Center (Teaching Tolerance )

Spanish Language Books

- T -

(Selected Classroom websites from the Nat’l. Endowment for the Humanities)



Thanksgiving history

- U -

Universal Survey of Languages - world's spoken and gestural languages and principal dialects

Urban Education

Urban Educator

U.S. Race and Ethnicity Resources

- V -

VietNet Web Server

Virtual Reference Desk

- W -

Web-based Class - Distance Learning (Prerequisite for UCI's 5th year credential program) (Learning Theory and Classroom Practices)

Women's History (Timeline and history of women's suffrage in U.S.)

Women's Lives