Children's Partnership: Resources, rules, and tools for families online


Cute Kids




Familey Education Network


Familey Features



http://www.ericp.eduiuc/npin/npinhome.html (school-family partnerships)


Family-School-Community Partnerships (a 60-page online booklet with activity sheets and 5-step process for developing and using compacts)


Family-Kid Center (American Library Association)


Fathering Home Page



KidsCampaings: a resource for all kinds of news and information on kids' issues; health, safety, education and financial security; 101 things we can do for kids' futures; statistics about U.S. kids, including facts and figures from the National Center for Children in Poverty and the National Assoc. of Child Advocates; it lists and links to children's organiztions across the country.


LA Parent Online


Making Lemonade: The Single Parentsí Network


Mommy Times


Pampersí Parenting Institute


Parent Education


Parent Research (Research-based brochures for parents and teachers)


Parent Rover: a parent's online guide to children's activities in the Los Angeles area, including nature events, concerts, and sports. Visitors to the site can suggest parenting tips and solicit advice from other parents.


Parent Support Group


Parent Zone


Parenthood:Pediatricians and psychiatrists respond to e-mail questions (in due time)


Parenting Q & A: Provides parents with answers to their most pressing questions, including touchy ones


Parents' Place


ParentSoup:Discussion forums ranging from step-parenting to attention deficit disorder


Parentalk Newsletter: Clearly written articles by physicians and psychologists - mass of information


Parents Talk (Family fun and activities)


Prevention Yellow Pages:Worldwide directory of programs, research, references, and resources dedicated to the prevention of youth problems.


Reading/learning of children at home


Redirecting Children's Behavior