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MFA Project Report Supporting Materials for Graduate Lighting Design Students

Graduate Lighting Design Project Report
Supporting Materials Requirements
Rev. 9/20/07

Below is a list of the lighting design supplemental materials for the project report. Please supply the committee with printed documentation and digital copies on CD/DVD.

1. Written essay of the student’s Point of View and Lighting Approach. Please include a self-evaluation of the successes and failures of the design and of the overall process.

2. CAD Light plot, Centerline Lighting Section, and Front Lighting Elevation in ½” scale that conforms to United Scenic Artists Local 829 and USITT graphics standards. Please supply hard and soft copies.

3. All working sections.

4 A production book that contains the following paperwork:
a. Hookup
b. Instrument Schedule
c. Color Lists
d. Template Lists
e. Lighting Inventory List
f. Shop Order
g. Focus Charts
h. Pre-Production Notes (from meetings with design team and Director)
i. Production Notes
j. Work Notes
k. Track Sheets
l. Board Cue List
m. Magic Sheets
n. Floor Plot for Rovers and Set Mounts (if applicable)
o. Followspot Cues (if applicable)
p. Automated Lighting Cues and Track Sheets (if applicable)

5. All research pertaining to the lighting design.

6. Storyboards of major atmospheres and dramatic moments.

7. Color copies of the set and costume designs.

8. Journal of the entire production process.

Gloriana, 2001