David's Vintage Keyboard Collection


This is a picture of my sample studio. Pictured clockwise from left: Mellotron M400, Gibson G101, Vox Continental, Yamaha Motif XS, and Elka Panther.

This is the jewel of my Hammond collection, my 1955 B3 and twin Leslie 21H cabinets. This organ was obtained at an estate sale in Beverly Hills where is sat unused for the last 20+ years. As it sat in a dark living room for the last fifty years, it has kept its original deep, original finish and is in near-mint condition. This organ is perfect for quiet jazz and blues due to it's soft, deep tonality and the sweet high end rolloff of the Leslie 21H's. It also has the finest action of any Hammond I have ever played.

Here is my 1961 B3 in the rare Fruitwood finish. This organ was purchased the day before I found the 1955. This B3 plays beautifully with a biting percussion that is as sharp as nails, and was matched with two Fruitwood Leslie 145's.

Another view of my 1961 with twin Leslie 145's in Stereo. The 122 on the left and the 147 on the right are hooked up to my former 1963 B3 (in foreground).

Pictured above is the the organ that has recently been sold, my 1963 B3 and Leslie 122. This pair was purchased from a seller in Dallas who was on the run from the IRS. He drove to California, bought several B3's and Leslies, and brought them back to Dallas to sell. Not a bad idea, except he ran out of time. This organ along with a Leslie 145 was sold to a local musician.

Here is a picture of my "Organ Room". On the right is my 1963 (sold), the left my 1961.... The mohogany 145 (sold) is on top, and a mahogony 147 on the bottom.

Here is my mint 1956 B3 strategically placed in my dining room. This organ was purchased from an elderly woman in Whittier. She purchased it for her husband in 1956 and it sat in their living room ever since. I recently sold this organ to a local recording studio.

This is the most recent member of my B3 collection, a mint 1959 Fruitwood B3... I sold the 1956 B3 so that this organ would fit in my house. I tried to convince my wife that a B3 in the kitchen would be quite useful and unique. She did not go for that one...

Another picture of the '59...

Here is a recent Xmas picture of me along with my wife Dana, and our pooch Keena in our living room. Happy Holidays!

My prize member of the Vintage Keyboard Family, Mellotron M400 #340.

Here is a recent aquisition, a late model UK Vox Continental...


A few pictures of my Gibson G101...

Probably the coolest looking combo organ: the Elka Panther 300.

For music composition... a Yamaha Motif XS7.

FInally, my most recent aquisition: a Hammond Pro XK3C.