Leonardo di Vinci (1452-1519)


Self Portrait

Guatelli's Replica


Leonardo di Vinci was born on April 15th 1452 in Anchiano, Italy.  His father was a public notary at the time.  Leonardo's father never married his mother, but Leonardo did relocate in 1457 to Vinci, Italy where he lived with his grandfather and was an albeit unofficial member of the family.  In 1466, at the age of 14, Leonardo moved to Florence where he began his apprenticeship in the workshop of the artist Andrea del Verrocchio.  In 1492 he accepted the patronage of the Duke of Milan, where he would remain until 1499 when the Duke lost power.  During his career Leonardo worked as a painter, a sculptor, a draftsman, an architect, and an engineer.  He carefully recorded his studies of painting, anatomy, architecture, and  mechanics in notebooks which bear witness to his versatile and creative genius.  In 1516, King Francis of France invited Leonardo to live and work in Amboise, France.  Leonardo died on May 2, 1519 in Amboise.


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