Journal Papers (Published or Accepted)

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Journal Papers (Under Review and Work in Progress)
  1. Behzad B., Bheem B., Elizondo D., Marsh D., Martonosi S., Prevalence and Propagation of Fake News, Under second round of revision at Management Science.
  2. Wu F., Behzad B., Optimal Three-Part Tariff Pricing with Single-Crossing Property, Working paper.
  3. Behzad B., Cancer and lifestyle choices: Is there an association?, Working paper.
  4. Behzad B., Life Expectancy in the United States, Working paper.
In the News
  1. (2 September 2014) “ Seatbelt laws encourage obese drivers to buckle up” based on the paper “Seatbelt usage: Is there an association with obesity?”  Public Health. Coverage included ABC Radio (plus many of its affiliate stations) and ScienceDaily.
  2. (18 December 2012) "Curbing car travel could be as effective as cutting calories",based on the paper "Quantifying the association between obesity, automobile travel, and caloric intake" Preventive Medicine. Coverage included ABC-2ABC-7Business Day LiveUS News and World Report, Huffington Post, and Consumer Affairs.