Mouse Skill Practice

1- Go to this web site

Practice with a collection of drag and drop activities to help develop early mouse skills. Save the completed SHAPES using the "Print Screen" key on your Key Board and then paste the captured screen into Paint program


2- Go to this Web Site and complete all 12 practices.  

At the end of last practice you will see the word END. Click on the END link. You will see This "Congratulations! - You Completed Mouse Practice." Save the page as your practice.

3- Go to the following website and complete all 5 practices. After you finish all 5 Click on view report to see the results and Save the total results. Please Don't Send it just save it.

(save it ONLY after you finish all)

    Large squares
    Medium squares
    Small squares
    Common windows elements
    Text and numbers


Typing Practice

If you do this practice in the lab you need to open Virtual PC first

Click here to see a help (illustration)

Download and Install the FasType Typing Tutorial on your computer.

1-     Log in the program using your real name

2-     Choose the sound mode off or on (your choice)

3-     Choose beginnerís Drill and then click on start typing. Practice as many time as you need.

4-     Repeat the same thing for the intermediate advanced levels

5-     Use Microsoft Word to type a few sentences (at least 100 words) and save it as typing practice and print it. Use the print out and try the Free style level

8-     Use the orange Icon (Typing History) to see the results

9-     When the results window opens use File/Export to save the results as (Tab Delimited Excel Format) Typing.xls

10- Save the file andSend the file Typing.xls to your Beach Board.

Here is a large collection of typing programs. Some of them are free.